Business men conference

He set the goal, ran the compass, and set out to celebrate success, announcing that he was expanding his business to expand the world. Ince group organizing an important event on a ship in the Bosphorus, among them a group of Arab and company executives and employees, as well as Turkish businessmen.

Invest in your health under the slogan Draw the Slim Cup for the Zain Football League

It was held at Damas Restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey, in the presence of the representatives of the participating teams and in a special organization of the sponsor firm Ince Group; The draw for the second edition of the Al-Zain Football Cup. After the fine group representatives welcomed the participants, a video about the company and its activities was screened, followed by a lottery. The 32 participating teams, representing most of the communities living in Turkey, were divided into eight groups with strong competition. The first edition of the league was very successful, which led many teams to participate in the second edition. The second thin group team in the previous league, besides choosing elite players, also aims for the championship. Invest in your health..A slogan put forward by Ince Group for a league that attaches great importance to achieving and continuing the desired success in its second edition.

Invest in your health, the opening of the zain tournament thin football trophy under the slogan

Invest in your health Under this slogan, the Zain Football League, in the Turkish state of Istanbul, where the fine group works to show full support and care, was launched in the second edition of the thin Cup. The opening started with the welcoming of the guests and participating teams, followed by the Turkish anthem and the national anthem representing all Arab countries, followed by various performances representing many countries.

Invest in your knowledge INCE Education and Development Scholarship

INCE GROUP is pleased to announce a fully paid grant in the field of Internet applications development using the “Laravel” framework, in coordination with the MIS Development and Training Center, under the slogan #Invest in your knowledge. The 💡”INCE GROUP” grant aims to develop young Syrian men and women who want to develop their skills and are interested in learning programming. ⌚ Training hours Saturday and Sunday: The duration of the lesson is 3 hours. 💵This scholarship is fully paid for by the “thin group” and helps hardworking students find a job right after graduation.


Scenes from the Ramadan Iftar invitation organized by INCE Group for football players in Beylikdüzü were held with the participation of the Inge Group management and the delegates of the sports events organizing body.

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