Who are we

A group of companies that was established in Istanbul in 2014, based on a structure that aims to work with high professionalism, tries to raise the level of the economy, to keep up with the market and global developments. INCE GROUP, through its group of companies, provides import, export and transportation services fully or partially all raw materials, finished or semi-manufactured in Turkey.

Our Vision

We innovate and evolve globally to provide a lifestyle characterized by convenience, speed and safety.

Our Message

We strive to provide services and activities to our customers with complete and superior performance and to reach the maximum level of customer satisfaction.

Our values and principles

  • Integrity
    Working with trust and honesty at all times and under all circumstances, adhering to the highest professional ethical values as a company and as an individual.
  • Clearness
    The company is committed to developing protocols to accurately record all stages of performance to maintain the level of performance according to the highest recognized quality standards.
  • Continuous improvement
    To focus on developing the business mechanism that is suitable for the conditions within the framework of improving the service quality
  • Professional
    Constantly communicating with customers, researching their opinions and working to meet their needs.
  • An environment focused on finding solutions
    Helping our customers find the most suitable solutions to reach their goals faster
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